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Common Toilet Issues and Troubleshooting

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There is nothing as irritating and inconveniencing as a faulty toilet. Am pretty sure that you have encountered some problems when using your toilet at some point. Some are common while some are unique but I assure you, dear reader, that you are in luck because this article shall highlight the common problems you face when you want to use your toilet and for some reason, it is just not possible. I hope it will be of much help because the fixes are also included.
Common toilet problems and fixes.

A weak flusher. This is … Read more →

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Four Signs Your Home Needs to be Repiped

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Is your plumbing giving you a hard time? Do you have a feeling that the source of the problem is your piping? Well, after some time, pipes will rust or decay. And if you leave them unattended, they will start leaking. The last thing you want is coming back at home or waking up from your sleep to find raw sewage or a flood of water on your flooring. And that is why you are always advised to hire a highly experienced plumber to check your plumbing regularly for possible problems. But before you … Read more →

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Reasons Why Your Hot Water Doesn’t Last

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1. Accumulated Sediments
There are areas that contain hard water with minerals such as calcium carbonate. These minerals are deposited on water heater’s tank. With time the scale deposited on the tank build up and affect the heating of water. The best solution for this kind of problem is flushing your water heaters tank. It is advisable you call a professional plumber such as Platinum Plumbing. These guarantee excellent flushing services.

2. Broken Water Heater
If your water heater has a broken dip tube, your hot water is not likely to last. The dip … Read more →

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Basics of Solar Water Heating

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Water heaters are one of the most common and useful household appliances. Water heaters are needed in our day to day lives as they perform an integral role and form a crucial addition to our homes. Nevertheless, water heaters have traditionally been known to guzzle great amounts of energy. However, you can now cut the electricity bill by investing in a quality solar water heater.

A solar water heater basically uses power from the sun. Essentially, it`s made up of two main components; solar panels, which act as heat absorbers and storage tanks. While … Read more →

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What Not to Put in Your Garbage Disposal

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You should know what not to put in garbage disposal if you will like your garbage disposal unit to serve you for long. Always ensure you put food items into the garbage disposal so that you can grind them into small particles for them to move down the drain. All nonfood particles should not be put in the unit. The unit should be used to dispose of biodegradable foods. Some of the items you should avoid putting in the disposal unit include the following:

  1. Plastic and metals

Plastic and metals can end up clogging your … Read more →


Basic Plumbing Tools to Have on Hand

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Even if you are not an expert plumber, there are some small plumbing problems that you can deal with on your own as long as you have the right tools. Buy tools to a company whom you trust with and keep these around the house to take care of the small plumbing problems in your everyday life, and you won’t need to call the plumber unnecessarily.

A Basic Plumbing Toolbox should have the following tools:

Toilet Plunger: This is the tool that you can use to take care of small toilet clogs. When someone … Read more →


Testing Your Drinking Water

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Drinking water is beneficial to your body. The body use water in cells, organs, and tissue to maintain your body functions. Since you lose water by breathing, digestion, and sweating, it’s crucial to drink water to stay hydrated always. Doctors and nutritionist recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. But how safe is the water that you drink? The following are guidelines on how to test your drinking water.

Home test kit 

You can purchase one from your local store or online. The good thing is that the kit has instructions on … Read more →


Easy Ways to Cut Back on Your Water Usage

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Water is very essential to us. We need it on a daily basis. You will realize that water has multiple purposes. It can be used for cooking, drinking, cleaning and so on. This is the reason why you should harvest water as a homeowner. It is important that you have a water storage tank in your home so that you can store water whenever it rains. It is also important that you install gutters so that you can collect rain water and direct it to the tank. Water is a valuable resource. There are many … Read more →


Plumbing Inspections Before Making the Home Purchase

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There are always risks when purchasing a new home, especially with things like electricity and plumbing. However, you can eliminate some of these risks by asking your real estate agent targeted questions before making an offer. The more you know about your new home’s plumbing, the better off you will be.


Do All the Faucets Work Properly?

Have your real estate agent demonstrate the water is running from each faucet before purchasing a new home. Drips, leaks and lack of water pressure can indicate problems with the home’s plumbing, and you’ll want those issues … Read more →


Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

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Deep clean your bathroom is that top-to-bottom, thorough cleaning to make your bathroom look spic and span, sparkling and shining. Every nook and corner of your bathroom will get particular attention in deep cleaning. Every item is scrubbed until it shines like new.

For example, when cleaning a bathroom, showers and tile walls get cleaned in normal cleaning. But in deep cleaning, the shower will be cleaned and disinfected. At the same time, the shower door will also get extra attention. Tiles will be grout scrubbed and disinfected. Similarly.

You may not need … Read more →