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The Drain Trap

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A drain trap is a tool or a machine used to prevent sewer gasses from entering the buildings. These traps are often situated below or just within the plumbing fixture and retain only a little amount of water. The retaining water creates a water seal which stops foul gasses from going back to the building from the drain pipes. Most of the plumbing fixtures like toilets, bathtubs, the washbasins and sinks are therefore well equipped with traps.


The purpose of a drain trap.

The trap is designed such that it constantly holds some water, … Read more →


Thermal Imaging for Plumbing

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Thermal imaging, also known as infrared imaging senses differences in temperatures that are otherwise undetectable by the human eye. The thermal imaging camera is the primary tool for thermal imaging. It looks no different from the conventional camcorder and also operates similarly. It is extensively used in security, navigation, surveillance, firefighting, and medicine. This is also used as a non-destructive testing methodology.


Thermal imaging or thermal video cameras can be used for various facets of building audits and diagnostics. Indoor environments of a building are severely compromised because of poor insulation, improper sealing of … Read more →


Don’t Put These Things in the Toilet

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Plumbers get terrible and weird things in the blocked toilets. If you become a culprit of a blocked toilet, put on rubber gloves and get it out. If not, then don’t be tempted to keep flushing as this may cause the toilet bowl to overflow. You will need to get a specialist to help you out. The following are a list of things you want to keep out of your toilet to avoid toilet problems.
Grease, oil and fats may go in as a liquid – due to the toilet … Read more →


Plumbing Basics – Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

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The old saying “Prevention is better than cure,” isn’t only for our health but for our homes as well. As a homeowner, it’s better to take the time and effort to make sure that things keep running smoothly instead of getting caught off-guard when something breaks down. Plumbing runs throughout your home and is an important part of everyday life. One simple problem, like a clogged drain, may actually be an indicator of an underlying problem that’s not readily visible.

If you have absolutely no knowledge of anything plumbing-related, you always have the choice of … Read more →


Plumbing Emergencies

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In households, one of the most important tasks is to oversee the proper flow in the plumbing system. Plumbing includes the pipes, valves, and drain fittings used for water distribution for drinking, washing, and waterborne waste removal purposes. Ensuring that the plumbing system is in good condition is just as important as securing the house from intruders or other emergencies such as fire.

There are plumbing complications that you can repair by yourself or have a plumbing technician fix later on. For blocked up sinks, you could utilize a plunger, for leaking faucets, change the … Read more →


What to Know About Graywater Systems

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What is greywater?

The word ‘greywater’ (sometimes spelt as ‘graywater’, ‘grey water’ or ‘gray water’) refers to water that has been used – for showers, sinks, and clothes washing, for example, and can have a grayish color, hence the name, and is considered recyclable for further reuse. This water is gently used, and is appropriate for reuse around the household, but not for human consumption. The collection and reuse of this water is known as greywater harvesting and the recycled water is used for non-potable purposes like toilet flushing, gardening or vehicle washing.… Read more →


Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

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The current trends in plumbing have driven many homeowners to make their bathrooms as per their aesthetic and as functional as possible. To implement this, the right choice of the toilet is one of the primary things that a homeowner should be properly aware of.
Choosing the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom
More often than not, you have experienced using a toilet that is difficult to flush. You may even come across a toilet that is all clogged up ad overflowing with bacteria-filled water. If you want your bathroom to be spared of these scenarios, … Read more →


How to Choose the Right Bathroom Fixtures

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The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in any household. This is where we spend a few hours every day as we make an effort to clean up and perform our other daily needs. This is especially true for common bathrooms that are usually shared between family members: the larger the family, the busier it gets. Moreover, different needs require different set ups. Hence, when it comes to bathroom fixtures, it is vital to consider different factors that can assist you in selecting the right set.

There are three general types of bath fixtures, … Read more →


Importance of Water Shut Off Valves During Emergencies

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Unexpected situations happen all the time, including those which can be very problematic for any household. In this sense, emergency situations related to home installations are especially problematic. Plumbing, just like other utilities, is exceedingly important for everyday normal life, but it can turn into a disaster during an emergency. These problems include things like simple leaks that can be annoying, but also many more severe situations that could leave a property in ruins. However, there are ways how catastrophe can be avoided in all manner of problematic plumbing situations, including the most intense … Read more →

water heater

Water Heater Safety Tips

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Your water heater may remain unseen, hidden in a utility closet or sitting alone in a basement, however remember that it needs regular maintenance for safety reasons.

Temperature or pressure relief valve 

A temperature or pressure relief valve prevents a tank from exploding if temperature or pressure exceeds safety points. Tragically, residential valves are prone to failure. As a major aspect of your yearly water heater mind, test this valve by:

Pulling up on the handle to ensure water streams freely out, and stops when you let go of the handle. If it does … Read more →